The man is edgy for certain reason. He remains restless. The boys are busy playing football outside. The man suddenly carries a chair to the next room. Outside, a foul is committed and referee whistles for penalty shot. A boy takes position for the shot. Goal keeper also gets ready. Inside, the man wipes the fan-blades clean. Then he ties the fan with one end of the cloth. He then ties the other end around his neck. Outside, the referee whistles. The boy starts running towards the ball.

Inside the man tries to kick the chair away. Right at this moment, his phone starts ringing. He gets indecisive, starts untying the cloth around his neck. Outside, the boy kicks off the ball. Goal keeper looks at the ball going long over the goalpost. The ball goes…goes and straight hits the chair to dislodge it inside the room. The man’s legs start shaking vigorously. They become still. The boy misses the goal.