A Gift Of Slum

The Story

A child is a child, irrespective of financial position or social milieu. A child’s quest for happiness and fulfillment differs from an adult one. A Gift of Slum is a child’s short journey to his fulfillment. It is also a little peep at the world through a child's eyes. The journey also reminds us that the ‘child is a father of the man,’ as he showed his responsibility to achieve his goal. 

During the journey, he stumbles, gets confused, and is puzzled by the way the big bad world deals with things and human emotion. But he is quick to learn and recalibrate his steps without losing focus on his goal. The Gift of Slum attempts to capture.

Written by
Krishnendu Bandyopadhyay


Year of Production : 2023

Language : Hindi

Language of subtitles : English

Special Thanks to
Beautiful people of #Maluti & #Prantik1

IMDb :

Behind the scenes (Pre Production)