About me

During the shorting "Film Cactus"


Apart from still photography, I have an obsessive inspiration of reaching out to a far larger audience through movie. Thus, I embark on a 'docu-feature' project called 'Mohutli', based on the ancient temple village in Jharkhand. I recreated a drama using the village as the backdrop. But in course, the village becomes an important character in the film.

'Mohulti' was more of my learning process. 'Mohulti' made me aware of different department of movie-making and opened up new vista of experimentation with film-making. Thus I embarked on the short-film '1:30 AM' with completely amateur crew, inexperienced actors and improvised tools and techniques. The end product was quite exciting. It won me half-a-dozen international awards, many accolades. It ended up having been screen over two dozen film festivals across Europe and North America.

Bengali short stories give short stories written in other languages a run for their money. Why not Bengali short film? The result of these haunting question resolved my mind to make a dozen of short-films each of which would be unique in idea, inimitable in content and distinct in style. I have been fascinated by the world movies which champion the movies with sublime truth.

'1.30 AM' revolves round Nishi, a teenage girl with split personality. She unfolds the different shades of life within a unity of time, place and action. My next venture was Cactus, feature film. The film is final stage of post-production phase is on a young woman who refused to be dominated by fear that society keeps infusing on the fairer sex as an easy prey. I have experimented with the craftsmanship of the movie to great extent.

With severe time-constraint and decreasing attention span of a modern man, short film is the future of movie. Such audience must be given choice of multiple of 15-20 minutes movie. A spectator will find it easier to buy ticket with the confidence that he can exit after watching one or two movie of his or her interest.

I keep experimenting with trivial things. My am fascinated by looking at life from different angles. Not always through human-eyes, but through an eye of a commonplace things. However insignificant they appear to be in their daily existence, each subject portrays a gripping tale of a life and its cherished moments

Still photograph was my first love. Images of life always intrigued me since my childhood. There was always an urge within me to portray myriad hues of life. To me, photography seems to be the only option to depict the many facades of life.

And movie is, perhaps, the next logical shift I can have. Being a film-buff, I receive a great excitement and immense satisfaction in its making.

Photo Exhibition

My first Photo Exhibition was held at Meridian International Center (www.meridian.org/ghf/) Washington DC, United States on April 2010. California-based Global Heritage Fund organized this exhibition.

It was an International photo exhibition of 77 chronicles preservation effort of endangered cultural heritage sites in developing countries. I was the only Photographer who represented India. (http://www.meridian.org/ghf/india.html)

My first solo photo exhibition Myriad Hues of Life, was organized by SHE (Save Heritage and Environment ) in July 2010, held at Birla Academy of Arts & Culture, Kolkata.

The exhibited photos were testimonies of life, portraying myriad human expressions. They focused on people and places around us, capturing the fleeting moments which are universal in their appeal.