Milu is from a middle-class family in north Kolkata. Today is Milu's birthday. She spent the entire day with Akaash at a sea-side, a little away from the city. Both the families know their relations.

Milu is returning home early as she promised her mother. In the alley, she comes across two people sent by Kumud. Kumud Purkayastha, a promoter of the locality. He is desperate to buy the house belonging to Milu and her family. But his year-long efforts prove abortive, so far.

Today, Kumud manages to bring Milu to his office, after two men tell her a lie. Kumud has drawn a macabre plan of blackmailing Milu's family just to get hold of the house. Kumud fulfils his idea.

Milu comes back home, thinking her parents, particularly Akaash would be by her side. But she soon realizes, no one is by his side.

Behind the scenes