Soumik returns to his native village, Maluti, after 18 long years. The same old roads, the same old soil. The little Soumik used to tread on these roads holding his father's hand, listening to the stories his father told him about the history of Maluti. Today his father is no more but the memories have remained of the times gone by. Now living abroad for several years, Soumik could not even come to perform his father's last rite. So why is he coming back after so many years? We don't know, nor does his wife Jasmin.

As the story progresses, a different and unfamiliar facade of Soumik unfolds to Jasmin. The relationship starts crumbling. Memories, helplessness and love start dissolving in the chasm of Maluti. Conflict and confrontation of views and decisions occurs. To Soumik, there is no hope for Maluti but for Jasmin the hope has just begun. Finally, Soumik decides to leave his native village in its yore, selling off his paternal property, while Jasmin stays back to protect the fascinating history of the place. Jasmin and Gopalbabu (the person who has fought single handed for the rights of the village till now) begins a quest for a light for Malluti.