It is a film based on some true events. It is not a movie in typical sense, as there is no straight narrative. It is neither a typical tale of a tortured woman. It is a tale much of which remains untold. The protagonist is a sex-slave. It throws light on some dark sides of human lives. It is a study of darker sides of characters of a boss, a caretaker, a customer and a victim. They are individuals representing universal greed, lust, sadism, voyeurism and despondence.

The room in the movie itself is a character in the movie. Though modern in its look and appearance, the room is unkempt, dirty and a little dark. The dirt in the room represents the dirty mind of the trader (boss), caretaker and customers. Like a real character, the room in the movie changes its mood with time.

The only respite from this over bearing dirt and darkness is a small hole on the opaque layer of newspaper that covers the windows. It is the only window for her hope, light and connection with the outer world.

Though a short film, Kujo, exposes a harsh reality of life we do not want to encounter. Young girls in hundreds, if not in thousands, suddenly go disappearing from their modest houses in mufassil town, semi-urban villages. These girls with so called earthly desires, in search of greener pastures, fall prey to man’s insatiable lust and greed and cruelty.

It is not a film, but a document of harshest reality, where a woman becomes instrument for man’s sadistic pleasure. In the process the victim becomes a mere machine meant for serving to man’s lust. Why is it titled KUJO? How come an earthen-pitcher becomes so important in the movie. One needs to wait till end to know why is titled so.
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